Palsy World is Classifieds Portal for handicap classified ads. We are both local and national, and we are on our way to being global. Our goal is to create a simple, localised service that meets all of our users' needs, including customised disability equipment, jobs, events, vehicles, and more.

Palsy World palsyworld.com is a website where people may list their specialised products for sale.

Our disability servicesdirectory is part of our commitment to help you access essential services.


1)     Education and learning

2)     Doctors

3)     Social care services

4)     Walking Ads

5)     Surveillance

6)     Fiancé

7)     Event and training

8)     Employment services

9)     Housing


If the Category is not there we will create it for you.  Contact Admin

If you want to advertise your Business Contact Us!  admin@palsyworld.com


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